Product Data Sheet

SYLUB inks for Silicone Rubber

The Products

These inks are available for the screen or pad printing of silicone rubber. They are supplied as a 2 pack consisting of Sylub Ink and Sylub Catalyst.

Special Features

  • High Gloss
  • Good colour strength
  • Cures to give excellent adhesion to silicone rubber
  • High lightfastness

Printing Information

Mix 10 parts of ink to 1–1.5 parts of catalyst by weight. The silicone rubber surface should be clean and degreased by wiping with iso-propyl alcohol and allowed to dry completely. The rubber may now be printed in the normal way with the prepared mixed ink. Care should be taken not to handle the rubber surface or allow any grease, oils or contaminants to come into contact with it. Mixed ink and catalyst should be printed and cured within 4 hours of mixing. Duration of cure will depend on the system of heating used but could be 20 minutes at 200C. Adhesion could if necessary be further improved by extending the curing time.

Store unmixed ink and catalyst below 27C for maximum shelf life.

After Printing Information

Rub resistance Yes
Water resistance Yes
Elasticity Yes
Popular Basic Colours Product Codes Pack Size
Sylub White E5-11    1 kg
Sylub Black E5-21    1 kg
Sylub Catalyst E5-116   150g

Other colours can be supplied to match individual requirements

The above information on this Product Data Sheet is given as a guide only and it is recommended that the inks are tested under the user’s normal conditions to ensure that they are satisfactory for the purpose intended.

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